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Fred "Heinie" Snyder    
Jared Cole Moore William A. Stottlemire Conley C. Sole
Sunshine H. McVicker Rudolph L. Benevento Ota L. Ensminger
Genova M. Lough Adara L. Teagarden Orval O. Roberts
Jessie Doria Dolly G. Hostutler Wilbur E. Dieffenbauch
Iva G. (Sapp) Littell Ardell Sayer A. Delbert McCardle
Deloris D. Ward Harry W. Wade Harry Riter
David W. Mercer Hazel T. Milliken John McDiffitt 
Evelyn Riter Matthew A. Mackey Kenneth Wise
Carol L. Steele Amediee A. D. Lavigne James W. Sanney
David L. Plyler Minnie E. Tennant Harry F. Renner
Norma J. Poe Patricia A. Six Deloris Kennedy
Eugene A. Powers  Sidney A. Staggers Jimmie D. Peraldo
Anna L. Haines Kenneth H. Grim Ray Riter
Ralph Sapp Junior Kuhn Virginia Hixenbaugh
Roy R. Ashcraft Penny Jo McClure Janet M. Harrington
Herbert Statler Virgie M. Hennen Lisa A. Moore
Laura L. Debolt Grace H. Knicely Helen F. Williams
Amanda Kuhn William A. Metz Lloyd Carter
Madge Hostutler Ruth I. Ice Margarete V. Moore
Charles W. Gribble  Jane Hunt Duncan Linda D. Miller
Richard A. Ayres, II Roger Lee Johnson Joetta S. Tustin
George L. Six Lester D. Steele Lillie G. Mercer
Donald G. Russell Roy Wise Michael J. Stewart
Dias Tennant Beatrice P. Taylor Richard L. Coffman   
Vada Renner George E. Pierce John F. Taylor
Sharon Harker James L. Taylor Samuel E. Hunt
Rosedale Miller Delbert H. Anderson Mary M. Jones
Joseph H. Wolfe, Sr. Airetta Hunt James C. Gorby
Velva Vaglienti Beverly Cumberledge Stacy Roberts 
Jack L. King Louise Wiley Robert F. Hall
Marie Garrison Mary Evelyn King  


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